"cause everybody here is nobody, nobody, baby."

when i got back to ohio, things were back to normal. i was doing well, i think. i had made more friends at school and even got a little into music again. since bands i start never keep going, now i've got job doing photography for my friend's band. i can't wait! it's going to be so much fun.
     my phone was vabrating vigorously as i tripped out of the shower. i slipped on my washcloth and fumbled my cell until i fell to the ground and answered, breathing heavily "hello?!"
     "hey... you alright? you sound out of breath..."
     "yeah, yeah i'm - i'm good. yeah." i got rug burn on my knees and elbows and i wanted to get off the floor but i was too lazy at the moment.
     "haha, okay... so what 'you doin'?" scott said in disbelief.
     "just got out the shower, you?"
     "playin' grand theft auto."
     "never played that before, but i dont know anyone who doesnt like it."
     "why havent you played it?"
     "not allowed..."
     "but...you live by yourself..."
     i about smacked myself. "i forgot," i giggled. i can play whatever i want!
     "haha, you're so wierd. but if you wanna play it you can come over?"
     "sure! just tell me when and i'll be there." he hung up and my smile broke a little, but he never says bye so i guess i should be used to it. i sat down on my bed and looked up at the celing. i realized soon after that i left the screen of my balcony open and got the breeze of cold air, then suddenly remembered that i never even dried off from my shower... i blushed to myself and got dressed. work today. i thought. and looked at the time. i grabbed my stuff and started walking. my hours are all kinds of messed up since the trip, but i'll be glad to get back to normal. i came in at 12, no costumers.
     i felt a firm hand pound on my shoulder. "nice ta have ya back," said mr. heron. i nodded thanks. "wanna jam for a little bit, the biz is a little slow today. guitar center is steallin all our business with thier stupid sale."
     "yea, definately!" i pulled my wire out of my bag and plugged into a guitar. He looked at me and grinned.
     "hey, how about you try out the bass today." he handed me a bass guitar and took the guitar and plugged it into his amp. "i know how much you like power cords and low notes, and you play rhythm, bass would be perfect for you."
    "i guess i could try it out.. i've always wanted to play bass."
    "alright, you're good with guessing on notes... let's start it off with one of your favorite songs." he turns on the intercom and put in Razorblade Romance. "we'll do 'Right Here In My Arms,' you think you can catch on?"
    "hopefully..." i strummed the bass strings confusingly. "wow, i do not have a clue how to play this."
    "here," he tilted up the bass and moved my hand down. "since your pick isn't thick enough, strum it with finger after finger, like this he tapped the strings back and forth with his index and middle finger. "you'll learn to play with more if you end up liking it, everything else you should catch on easily for this song. you ready?"
    i nodded.
    "alright, here we go."
    he pressed play and played along to the melody and i started trying to feel for the bass. at first i was totally lost, i was still trying to strum it like a guitar and went back and forth between that and what he taught me. i put on the headphones over one ear to hear myself, and it started getting a little better. i was only using the last 2 strings, but i felt really awesome, i caught onto this quicker than guitar! it's such a rush, and the strings don't cut me like the smaller strings do on guitar, i think i might be in love. i feel like i'm so cool right now!
    "you've got it, Drew!" Mr. Heron yelled over to me right as the solo started. He plays it perfectly, it's pretty awesome... it's funny, who knew a 40 year old man with a goat beard and a rat tail would end up being the coolest person i know? He's like a big brother, but also sort of an uncle to me, which is like a dad but isn't my dad. i'm glad i have an important pseudo-family member in my life like him, he's helped me out so much over the years.
    after that jam session at the Call, i was super pumped and energized. it's like the bass was made for me. or maybe i was made for it since it came first. we got practically no business today, but that's fine because it was fun. I hadn't seen Bella in a while, but we'd emailed a little bit during the time i was away. I know she's a frequent at the library, so maybe she'd been there. or maybe at the cafe. but if she had, she would have emailed me back, so i guess she's been busy. 
    Scott and i were texting as i walked home from the shop. All i could think about was the bass, how much fun it was to play like that. all of this time, i 've been playing guitar, when i should have been playing bass. i stepped in a puddle and it splashed onto my boots. i felt the chill through the lace holes as the winter approached. i dislike this season. i love fall, indian summer the most. i like spring alot too, and summer, but winter... it's just too cold. the only thing i like about winter is that i can wear more layered clothes, which i just like in itsself, how it looks and stuff. and i can wear more boots with high socks. i guess that's just my style...i don't know. 


    I opened up the door and stepped onto the welcome mat of the apartment building, shuffled the mud off my  shoes and began up the stairs. what a day. i sat down my things and opened up my computer. "3 new emails, today." i clicked on the icon and looked in my inbox. "one from Hartton-Beaux...blahblahblah, rules, crap, lunch cost..." i sighed, "next email. From: Mami. ignoring..." I opened an email from an unknown sender. "Miranda Callies?" i don't know who that is. i started reading the email and it was a party invite. apparently she got my email from the school's website. it's one of those drinking binge, keg parties. I drink, but i don't get drunk or shitfaced. i think i'll hold off on that one.

bzzz, bzzz. bzzz, bzzz.

   At first i couldn't tell whether that was a text message or a phone call, but it was a phone call. and from who other than my adorable boyfriend, Scott. I grinned to myself and clicked to answer. "Hey Scott" i said happily, with a smile on my face so large and ridiculous that i'm glad he was only on the phone so he couldn't see it.
   "Hey babe, whats up?" his voice was so cute. slightly deep, but high at times, and almost always really calm. it warms my heart. ♥
   "Nothing really, just got off of work and now i'm home. how 'bout you?"
   "Just sittin here... but hey, my friend Ricky's having a party, you wanna go with me?"
   ...a date? i blushed. although i just turned down a party from an anon, this could be a different kind of party. "sound's fun...what kind of party is it?"
    "It's kind of like a bonfire, there'll be beer, but not more than enough to get buzzed. i'm bringing some cigars. you up for it?"
    "Sound's good to me!" I giggled. "i don't really do the whole 'getting drunk' thing, i just like beer, but i like to remember the parties i go to."
   "yeah, same. getting buzzed is fun, getting drunk is okay, getting shitfaced, is stupid. haha. oh yeah, there's gonna be a few bands playing too."
   "really?? that just tops it off! it's going to be so much fun!"
   "haha sweet, i can't wait to see you babe. i'll be at your house around 6 to come get you"
   "thanks i can't wait" i squealed softly.
   "haha yeah" he hung up. i love this boy, but i hate that he never says goodbye!

   i wonder what i should wear, i have to look alright since i'm going to be with Scott. I know Ricky is one of his school friends, and i've never met them. hmm... i opened up my drawer and looked around to see what i should wear. "blue.. purple, black, white, green, gray... i've literally got fishnets in ever color." i sighed and sat down to look through more of my clothes. "i'll go with jeans, since its starting to get cold... the destroyed blue jeans, black leggings under it; my favorite studded belt and i guess my favorite HIM shirt." not that anyone really knows that band. the only people besides my old friends and Scott that knew about that band, didn't know about them or really listen to them until they knew me. but it's one of the things i talk about the most... i guess it's just my thing. i swear sometimes, i'm there biggest fan. 
   i got dressed, then put some ramen on the stove to heat up. it was just plain noodles, without the flavor. i put some garlic and basil in the water to give it some flavor and i'll add butter later. i call it "Japtalian." italian style seasoning on japanese noodles.
   i turned on my flat iron and started on my makeup. i did exactly what i always did, thick eyeliner, black eyeshadow and mascara. that's basically me everyday. i want to look pretty for when he sees me. the black dye in my hair had already started to fade, it was a little saddening. i wanted it black like it normally is, but Lars just had to push me over the edge... Mr. Heron sent me a text, speaking of him, he said that Bella did really well at my job at the shop and wants to hire her part time. that was good, now she has more time to get out of the house and make some money. i'll have to email her about that soon, or if she's back at the cafe i'll tell her.


i was listening to music and eating my japtalian as i realized 6:00 was swiftly approaching. my heart was a flutter, i was so excited. i can't wait to go out and have fun! i have fun alot now, but not party fun. this is going to be great, after playing bass today , seeing a few live bands is going to just amp my inspiration! i can't wait! and now i don't have to. i just saw Scott's mom's car pull up into the parking lot. i rushed out the door, hopped down the stairs and skipped out the door. he opened the car door for me and i hopped in.
   as we were riding, he slid over his hand onto mine. i was suprised and almost pulled back, but i looked up and he smiled at me, so i smiled back. i love when he does things like this, it always makes me happy. i feel like i'm blushing constantly whenever i'm around him. its embarrassing to me, just because i don't want him to think ...i don't know what i don't want him to think, but i don't really like blushing. but he thinks it's cute, so i don't really cover my face anymore.

we pulled up into the driveway of a nice sized house. i'm assuming this would be Ricky's. we both got out of the car. While Scott and his mother briefly went over pick-up times and other importants, i scanned the area. it was the suburbs, but steps way above where i lived. all of the houses here were big and tall and had big yards, as where i live has really small houses, small-ish yards and apartment buildings. all of the cars were nice too, and there's a huge van in the driveway. Scott referred to it as "The Party Bus" as i asked him about it when we were walking up to the back yard.
   there's so many people, and it felt like a dream. scott knows everyone! everyone already knew my name and were saying "hi" to us. i feel so.. popular. "Hey, do you like Black & Milds?"
   "uh, yeah.. i like them.. why?" i was confused, since i didn't know this guy. Scott was holding my hand, but was talking to someone at the moment.
   "take one, i got too many" he passed me one as scott turned around. "Kilgore!"
   Scott laughed, "whats up, man?"
   "chillin, you want one?" he held a cigar towards him and he took it.
   "sure, good lookin' out" they shook hands and we started walking around the yard. i pulled out a lighter and lit mine, then he lit his. we exhaled in unicent. the only thing that could have made the moment better was if our smoke puffs shaped into a heart, but that's all fantasy. "do you know how to blow smoke rings?"
   i shook my head. "i've always tried to, but i've never been able to."
   three rings floated from his mouth and dissolved into the night sky. "its in the throat babe." he smiled at me.
   "i'll try again" i took in bit more than usual and attempted to do something with my throat which i had hoped to turn out to make rings of smoke, but instead i started coughing and annoyed myself.
   scott giggled and looked at me concerningly "maybe you should just enjoy the flavor... haha."
   "that sounds like a great idea" i said with an embarrassed grin. moments like these, i call my anime sweat drop moments. as the obvious has shown why.

the bands had started playing and my excitement had upped even more. scott hasn't let go of my hand the whole time for more than a couple of minutes, eveyrone here is so nice. skateboarding in the 4 car driveway and the alley, everyone is smoking, laughing, having a beer and just having fun. the bands were so energetic, it was the same energy as a big show but it was in a back yard instead of an arena.

   as i watched the next band play, they just looked really out of it for some reason. the guitarist was fine, drummer was fine, but the singer and the bassist... i swear they were like, lagging. there was obviously something going on... every few seconds, the girl on the 4 string would strike a sour note, the singer would look back at her and give her a look, the rest of the band would shake thier heads in dissaproval as they continued to play. it was just spiralling down hill. the bassist had completely gone off note, eventually stopped playing all together. the singer kept going with just the trio, but the girl on had left her instrument and stood in the audience, hanging on some guy like a she had some sort of sleeze in her. obviously, the singer and the bassist had a thing, because he started looking away. she started taking of her shirt to just a short tank top, and then the guy on stage just started to look even more angry. i tugged on scott's shirt. "do  you know them?"
   "uh, not really... wait, wasn't there-"
   "yeah, the girl on bass? she's down there with her shirt off... and the guy singing, looks like he's about to flip his shit." we sat back at a picnic table and watched from the sidelines. ding ding ding, the match has started. she throws her overshirt at him, he tries to brush it off and keep performing. she's booing him, he's trying to show off and overshadow it. all of a sudden there's a bra on his face, hers of course, and then she's making out with that guy she's hanging on, and holy crap is the singer dude angry. he jumped off the stage and they start arguing, she starts hitting him, then the random make-out did hits the singer because he grabbed the girl to make her stop hitting him and was all "its wrong to put your hands on a woman!" and then they're fighting. me and scott just kind of looked at them. 
    "...what the hell just happened?"
    "i have no idea, really." scott said, finishing off his cigar. the guys still up at the stage were looking around awkwardly performing a song really softly, as if they were attempting to hide themselves. nobody was really paying attention to the fight, and just kept on having fun. i guess this would be a slight case of Kitty Genovese Syndrome. Psychology. Anyway, all of a sudden, a cracky, shy voice trickled off of the microphone.
   "uh.. h-hey, if anyone by any chance either sings, or plays bass, and knows any songs on this list" he held up a piece of paper "we have a few songs left in our set... th-thank you."
    "didn't you play a bass today, neko?"
    "yeah..." i brushed my bangs back over my eye. "i was pretty good at it, i guess."
    "well, why don't you see if you know any of the songs they have?"
    "i don't know.. i've only touched a bass one time in like, my whole life." no one had gone up to the stage at all, like no one heard him or something. maybe this was my chance... scott gently pushed me over to the stage and i warily walked up to the guitar player. "hey... i've only played bass once... but i've got good pitch?"
    he looked down at me with hope in his eyes. "can you sing?"
    "yeah, i can sing... i can attempt both at the same time?" i picked up the folded paper off of his amp and scanned the songs on the list.
    "haha, well, it doesnt look like anyone else is coming up here."
    "i'm not too horrible, i know most of these songs too. "nobody baby" is a pretty easy rhythm... can we?"
    "fits the mood, yeah, grab the bass, i bought it so don't worry about Jolene"
    i heard the drummer sigh from behind the set. "whore." we all kind of laughed, and i picked up the bass and stepped to the mic.
    "hey," he whispered. "you can turn down the bass amp if you're not confident with it. just have fun."
    "got it" i smiled and stepped up to the mic. "1 , 2 , 3 , 4..." the riff started and i felt amazing, i started singing and i just felt like a rock star! this has to be some kind of stupid, lucid dream. "baby's got a problem, baby's got a spell! baby's got a handgun but i aint gonna tell...nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, baby!" 
     they harmonized with me! i'm not the backup this time. the crowd was looking at me and people were dancing, scott was watching me from his spot and smiling at me like "that's my girl" and i felt so confident! what kind of day is this? it will end soon, and i'll surely be sorry. but damn, this night, this day, right now; i am have the time of my life. and it's all thanks to him. ♥

     because everybody here, is nobody. nobody, baby. 

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