"Sell your soul and sign an autograph; big bang baby, it's a crash, crash, crash."

   after an eventful saturday night and a completely uneventful sunday, it was finally time for school. not really finally, more like unfortunately. i still don't like school, but i'm getting used to going. i like that i get to be around people, its alot less lonely than being at home alone all the time. being lonely does get stressful, i don't even want to homeschool again. i also really like cafeteria food. i pay the lunch lady under the table for blackmarket mashed potatoes and quesadilla pizza.
   i pulled out the nearest clothing and just got dressed practically without looking. it was some raggedy blue sweater and some black jeans, nothing special. i slipped on some cuffs and put on some fingerless gloves and some necklaces so i didn't look so plain. it's not like there's anyone to impress at school, but i think everyone does better when they feel like they look good. it reminds me of what one of my friends used to say in middle school, "if you look good, then you feel good, then you do good." right now, i'm about to feel my good way of a 40 or so minute walk to school. i could always punch my bus card, but i save my circles for going other places or if it's raining. i'll walk anywhere that takes less than an hour most of the time. plus, if i took the bus to school, i would end up tired during my classes. the outside air wakes me up better than coffee does. speaking of coffee, i forgot my thermos on the counter. i got too caught up in the song i was listening to and danced my way out of the house without breakfast. i probably didn't turn my lights off or anything either. i should probably text my grandma and ask her to check so we don't run the bill more than need be.

   i walked into school at the usual time, i was about 20 minutes early. as i walked through the halls, i was getting alot of looks. looks that i don't normally get, they werent even the bad kind. i was a little confused but i just kept on walking through. i stopped at a vending machine and put in a dollar bill, some guy standing near was staring at me with a smile on his face. i scurried away in despair as soon as my pop tart dropped from the second row and nearly sliced off my hand by pulling it out with out lifting up the cover all the way.
   why is everyone looking at me so wierd? is there something on me? i final found my way to my locker, evading every person i saw in fear of thier strange looks. i don't know why i ever go to my locker before 7:48, because i can't open it myself, and Russel always gets here at 7:48 and opens it for me, he's my locker partner. i sat down against the wall opposite of my locker and stared at my cell phone until the time came. soon enough, i see Russ walking up the hallway.
   "Good morning, Aedrian." he said as usual as he spun the wheel lock and opened our locker.
   "Buenos Dias, Russel." i smiled and started looking through the planner on my phone. "How was your weekend?"
   "It was quite pleasant, i got intoxicated with a handsome lass and she gave me the business!" he said in feaux-British accent.
   "that's good, i'm happy for you," i laughed.
   "I also heard that you know how to rocketh the house."
   "What...what do you mean?" i shook my head. "you're funny."
   He scoooted out of the way of our locker and took out the fold out stool and reached to the top for my books. "i heard from a reliable source that you went to Ricky Rose's party and took over for RageRanch's bassist and vocals. everyone's talking about it."
   My eyes grew huge "seriously?.. who'd you even hear that from?! oh my god." i stepped down from the stool and stared into nothing with a scared blank face.
   "aww, don't worry, Aedrian. its a good thing! and the reliable source was my own ears."
   "you were there? wow, i feel so bad now.." i frowned. "i would have said 'hi' to you if i had known."
   "you don't need to feel bad, i only came to pick up my friend from the party. he called me saying he didn't feel sober enough to drive. i just happened to stay for the song." he smiled. "you were really good though, i wouldn't have imagined you as a singer."
   "hey!" i laughed, "what's that supposed to mean?!"
   "it just means you're quiet and shy, i wouldn't have expected you to be a frontman, but you were fantastic." the bell rang and we began to walk to our advisory room. we got papers passed to us and put our names on them.
   "i guess you're right, about the frontman thing. i've always wanted to be a lead in a band but i was always too scared to."
   "Well,  what about at the party? you seemed perfectly fine up there."
   "i was on a confidence high...i had played a bass guitar for the first time that day, and it was revealed to me that i was destined to play it and i was good at it and i just went for it."
   "that was only your second time playing bass? that's so cool, you're already better than Jolene." he mumbled under his breath. "whore..."
   "jeez, is she really that bad? everyone's been calling her a whore."
   "yeah, she's pretty bad..."
   "like 'too many drunk mistakes' bad or 'i'm living in the moment so i'm gonna fuck everyone and not regret it' bad?"
   "i'd say it's a mix of the two. she's just a straight up maneater."
   "that's terrible, i kind of feel bad for her 'boyfriend' or whatever he is to her."
   "it's her boyfriend... God knows why he hasn't left her yet."
   "yeah, seriously... i'm surprised thier band even lasted long enough to have a name with the way they act."
   "me either, but it would make good tv." the bell rang and we picked up our things. "i'll see you later."
   "see ya, Russ."


   the day went by really quickly. everyone was waving to me and i was recognizing people from the party. i wasn't used to all of the positive attention...it was nice. no one has made fun of me all day, i've just been greeted, complimented, waved at and devil horned all day long. i was glad that 3rd bell was finally over and that it was time for lunch. i soon began my short journey to the cafe, hoping to see my friend.
   the small bell rang as i walked into Melt. i didn't melt when i came into the cafe, but the cafe's name is Melt. i always thought that was kind of cool. according to thier website, the original store owner named it "Melt" because in the back room where they had the ovens for thier pastries, the plastic tiles and on the outside of the building melted into a colorful masterpiece on the back of the store, because the drywall was thin and all the heat soaked through. you can still see it back there, too. it's so cool.
   i still hadn't seen Bella, it's been a couple of weeks. i've been home from New York for a while now, i'm not sure what happened to her. She hasn't answered any emails of mine, and i have her money from Mr. Heron for the work she did because i'm supposed to give it to her... i guess i'll try again today and hope that she answers. "hello, what would you like today?" i requested a caramel machiatto and pumpkin break and she said she'd be right back. my stomach grumbled with anticipation.
   i opened my computer and began an email to her. i told her everything that happened the last few days and that she had a job offer. hopefully she'll be excited to have some extra money and get away from home more. she seems to dislike it... i thanked the waitress as she set down my order and she did a double take at me. "hey!"
   i took out my earbuds, "yeah? sorry, was my music too loud?" i began to turn down the volume as i noticed you could hear loud and clear.
   "no! i mean, well, it is, but that's not why i said that!" she laughed. "you did that pink spiders cover at the party, right?"
   how do you know that? "haha.. yeah, that was me... were you there? i'm sorry i didn't see you."
   "no, no, i wasn't there..." she looked around to see if anyone was around and pulled out her cell phone. "but, it is on YouTube. you were so awesome!" she tilted her cell phone towards me and i watched with wide eyes. that....that's me?!
    "woah... i never knew what it looked like... or that anyone was recording!" i covered my face with despair.
    "take those hands down girl! you look bad ass!" we watched the video together, and i guess i did look pretty awesome up there. "and i heard that was your first day playing a bass! its in the comments."
    "damn... i feel so— exploited." we laughed "you really think i'm bad ass?"
    "hell yeah! and you can trust me, i write a music blog! according to FriendConnect, you're a reader. expect to see yourself on there soon, Drew!" she winked at me and skipped away.
    i'm going to be on a music blog? and i only read one local music blog... the same one everyone else does! it was one performance, why do i feel like i'm some kind of famous!? ugh, local fame. get it off me! i feel like getting on that stage was like selling my soul to all of Ranceburg's music scene. but then again, this was what i wanted when i was younger... i guess i just made a name for myself. so, i'm a local, viral, backyard party, rock star? 
   i got an email back from Bella:
          Sorry i've been gone. i've been staying with a friend... i'll be back home in a couple of days. Melt for lunch like the norm? tell Mr.Heron i'll be there thursday to talk and send me his # so i can call n stufff. oh & i saw you singing on youtube. my bestie is a B.A.M.F. escuse my french. hehe...ciao!
   well, at least i know she's okay. i sent her Sam's work number and shut down my PC as the time came to leave. As i picked up my big, i got a flirty wave from Kathy, the waitress who works on the blog. i'm scared to see what she writes about me. i wonder which pen name is hers... i just hope she's not the brutally (and rudely) honest one.

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