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Hello, my name is Asberry Quinones, you might know me as Aeri or Berry Quinones, the author and illustrator of this story, "Those Things I Should Have Said..." I am a 19 year old blogger and freelance multi-media artist currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I began writing when i was in gradeschool, but i started getting more serious around the 7th grade. since then, i've been aspiring to publish my own book, even though i don't normally enjoy reading books myself.  i love expressing myself through art, music and writing.if i inspire you in any way, please let me know, it would touch my heart. ♥
  I plan on making a sequal after i finish this story as book 2, hopefully starting when the main character turns 18 years old. There is already a spin-off of this story, written by Bella Rain, in the prospective of Isabella Rain Manfriello Felicyta from this story, both before and after she meets Aedrian. Check it out: here.
  This story is a realistic fiction, alot of the events in "Those Things I Should Have Said..." are based on events that have happened in my real life, as are the characters. If anything in my story offends you, then i apologize, but i'm going to keep on writing. If you feel as if a character is based on you, then it might be. but remember, it's a story. nothing i have written was written to offend anyone or "call out" anyone, it's just a story. people who don't know you, aren't going to know what happened or who you are unless you present yourself. just sit back, remove your past thoughts and judgements, and enjoy.
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Sorry It Was Just Me [2009] - Esperanza [2009]
- Orphans [2005] SRHFHE [2011]
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