♥ [[character biographies]]

 A  E  D  R  I  A  N_____________________
FULL NAME--- Aedrian "Drew" Esperanza Camejo-Ramsey
AGE------------- 16.5
LIKES---------- art, music, bass, dancing, writing
DISLIKES------ being late, betrayal, running through puddles
SUMMARY---- The main character of the story. Aedrian is your not-so-typical teenage girl. she was homeschooled for a while and has just started up school again.

 S C O T T___________________________
FULL NAME--- Scott Nathaniel Kilgore
AGE------------- 16
LIKES---------- art, writing, music, drums
DISLIKES----- promiscuous girls, cheaters
SUMMARY---- The mystery crush that drew has that turns into a relationship. him and drew become best friends, then start dating. he attends an all boys school and lives close to her and her school.

 B E L L A_____________________________
FULL NAME--- Isabella Rain Manfriello Felicyta
AGE------------- 13 or 14
LIKES---------- writing, music, anime/manga
DISLIKES----- unknown
SUMMARY---- She befriends Drew in the cafe and they become friends. not much is known about her just yet. We know what she likes, and that she is italian and polish.

 M R. H E R O N_______________________
FULL NAME--- Samuel T. Heron
AGE------------- 42
LIKES---------- Music of all kinds, and every instrument
DISLIKES----- Rude people, when the store is messed up
SUMMARY---- He owns Heron's Call. He's a father figure to Aedrian and is a nice and funny guy. He is in 3 bands, is married and has a child in middle school but never talks about his homelife.

C O D Y                  _____________________
FULL NAME--- Cody McDonald
AGE------------- 20
LIKES---------- Grunge, Music, Art, Building things
DISLIKES----- Arguments, Soda, Pizza
SUMMARY---- He's a nice, quiet guy that works at Heron's Call. He's got long brown hair, and hardly talks. He seems to be close to Lars,

L A R S                  _____________________
FULL NAME--- Louis "Lars" Reinbaucher
AGE------------ 23
LIKES---------- Metallica, Beer, Concerts, Music, Arguing
DISLIKES-----  teenagers, people who don't like the music he does
SUMMARY---- He's a big, blonde, opinionative man that works at Heron's Call. he has some sort of a strong dislike for Aedrian, and argues with her alot. He seems to have a close friendship with Cody who he takes to work every day. His unpleasant dimeanor got him the nickname "Lars" from Mr.Heron, after Lars Ulrich, the drummer of Metallica.

 R Y A N_____________________________
FULL NAME--- Ryan Richards
AGE------------- 18
LIKES---------- cars, fixing cars, moutain dew
DISLIKES----- people he used to fight, "shit talkers"
SUMMARY---- Formerly one of Drew's best friends, they dated and he broke up with her at random.

 H A L E Y             _____________________
FULL NAME--- Haley Matthews
AGE------------- 16
LIKES---------- art, music, writing, skateboarding, green
DISLIKES----- certain people, but not many
SUMMARY---- Drew's best friend since middle school, they no longer talk.