"hey, hey, little razorblade!"

     today has been amazing! i was so excited i just had the time of my life. when i came home i hopped on my bed and squealled into my pillow. he is so amazing!!! ahhh! i was so excited, its unexplainably, unimaginably amazingly amazing! oh my gosh! i'm so head over heels right now, i've never been so in love and its never felt so right! i cant even call this a crush, this is more like a smash...like, a death smash. i love him! but this is also my best friend... it all happened so fast, oh my gosh, what to do! i wish i had a girl friend to share all this with...then i remembered. Bella! i dont want to spend this night by myself, i need to share this with someone and i know she'd be the perfect person to spend it with!
     i attacked my desk and signed straight in to my email and sent her a message right away. and thank God she was online!

         Hey Bella!! this is totally urgent and out of nowhere but do u wanna come have a sleepover with me tonight?? i know its last minute but im in a great mood and i need sumbody to share it with!!

i was so anxious for a reply. me and bella have so far talked every day this week since school started for me, and i've gotten into a routine for going to the cafe every day for lunch just to see her. despite our age gap, we're so much alike. shes like the little sister i always wanted! she replied:

          i would love to ^_^ just give me directions to where u live and i'll be there asap!

i attaqched a map page to the next email and sent it to her. i was so excited. i took out the money stash i was going to use with Haley and got the extra pillows and blankets from the closet. i made sure i had a couple of 2 liters and some popcorn and still had some candy from the last time i went shopping. actually, i had a whole big bag of it, because i never ate it.
     she lived about a 20 minute drive away, so i decided to call in a pizza to surprise her. i got out a couple of movies and the pizza guy left almost as soon as she got here.
     i opened the door. "Hey Drew!!"
     "Hi! I'm so glad you could come! i have so much to tell you!!"
     "what happened?" she asked happily as she brought in her hands full with bags and a laptop.
     "remember that guy i've been talking about lately?" i asked as i shut the door behind her.
     "oh, how could i forget! you never stop talking about him....CREEPER!" she teased.
     "i'm not a creeper!" i laughed and took the pizza off the counter and set it down in front of the TV.
     "well you talk about him so much and you've never really even met the guy."
     we sat down in front of the box and i grabbed the remote. "thats what i have to tell you, i finally met him!!"
     "really?! thats awesome drew!" she stuffed half a piece of pizza into her mouth "whatsh he lyke?" she said with a mouthful.
     "he's a sweetheart...complete sweetheart!" i swooned. "oh my gosh, i finally met him yesterday and we hung out at SouthBridge." i opened the garlic sauce and dipped in a piece.
     she swallowed. "aww" she smiled "how was he sweet?"
     "well he talks to me every day now, and we talk about everything. its almost like i already know him, he's amazing. he writes, he's an artist, he skates and he has a job." Bella nodded with a delighted tell me more kind of look in her eyes as she ate her pizza chipmunk-style. You never notice how big someones cheeks are until they're stuffed with bread, tomatoe sauce and 5 cheeses. "he asked me to hang out because i told him about how ryan dumped me and he wanted to make me feel better. it was so cute!" i squealled. "he treated me like a princess, he would try to buy me everything i even looked at!"
     "well, did you get any new stuff? did you let him buy you anything?"
     "well....he bought me...coffee?" i giggled awkwardly.
     "the only thing you let him buy you was coffee?!"
     "hey that coffee was 4 friggen dollars!!"
     "thats nothing!"
     "thats expensive!"
     she took off a pepperoni from the other half of the pizza and threw it at me and it stuck straight to my cheek. my jaw dropped. "did you just...assault me...with a pepperoni?!"
     "i win" she giggled. i picked one off and threw it at her and it got stuck to her forehead. she looked at me. "THIS....IS....WAR!!!" we took all the pepperoni and sausage off of the pizza and threw them vigorously at eachother, dodging and ducking and just having fun. after we had even ripped off the cheese and thrown it at eachother, we were covered in tomatoe sauce. bella took a sausage off of my forehead and ate it.
     "do you even know where my forehead has been?!"
     "besides to the muffin man, no. not really"
     "how did you know i knew the muffin man..."
     "because leprechauns tell me to burn things."
     "ah Bella," i sighed "ich liebe dich."
     "aishite imasu" she smiled at me.
     "mina rakastan sinua."
     "dont know that language, what is it?"
     "its Finnish."
     "ah, should've known. you're so into that band HIM, figures you can at least say 'i love you.'"
     "i cant help it, its an amazing band. it's like Ville understands me. Every song relates to my life in some kind of crazy way."
     "that is pretty cool" she smiled. "we need to get this stuff off before it gets all crusty..."
     "well i have 1 shower, we can take turns if you want. you can go first."
     "okay thanks, i'll be fast." she put her hair in a bun, grabbed her PJ's and went to the bathroom. i heard the water start.

     i'm glad i finally have a girl best friend i can actually see. she's awesome, i havent had this much fun in a really long time. i needed someone to be crazy with, and to tell what i'm excited or talk to when i'm sad. i'm in 11th grade and bella is in 8th, but i dont even notice the age difference. she's so cool, we like all the same things and we're both crazy and comfortble around eachother. i'm glad i went to the cafe during lunch that first day of school.
     "your turn." bella said as she came out holding her clothes. "i'll make some popcorn and i brought some other stuff for us to eat, i'll set it up while you're in there."
     "okay cool, thanks" i smiled and went to go take my shower.
     when i got out there were a bunch of bowls set out; 2 with popcorn and others with chex mix, doritos, chocolate covered pretzels and all kinds of stuff. i breathed in the mix of junk food bliss and we sad down and watched Clueless. We always made fun of the main character, because she was so preppy and so valley. we would mock her accent. Bella talked about the stoner-skater guy in the movie that Ty liked, she thought he was cute and blew kisses at the screen. i laughed at her. i checked my phone and scott sent me "hey wats up?" i told him i was having a sleepover with my friend and he seemed happy about it. i told him how much fun i was having and how glad i was to have a friend i could be silly and crazy with. of course, i didnt tell him that the reason i was having the sleepover was because i had to tell Bella how crazily infatuated with him i am, i dont think he needs to know that...he might think it was wierd.
     "DANCE PARTY!" i yelled and turned on my cd player. "da-na-na-na-na-na-nana, da-na-na-na-na-na-nana, da-na-na-na-na-na-nana, nana-nana-nana-nana!" we were yelling and laughing and dancing all around my apartment to Little Razorblade. before the intro went on and we were still singing, i motioned for her to come here. i pulled out my guitar, amp and mic from the closet and she smiled really wide. i put the strap around my shoulder and gave the mic to her and she sang loudly into it. she was so happy, i knew she loved to sing.
     "and you're right..."
     "you're right!"
     "that its wrong..."
     "its wrong!"
     we sang. "to spend the night alone!"
i had so much fun with her, i think she's my best friend. i think i'll call her my little razorblade.

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